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May 2022 - Patreon Exclusive Deluxe Limited Edition Pin
Part of the Secret Shop - Exclusive to Patrons


This month's youkai in Youkai Year are the Dream Eater Baku & Ameonna with Kasa-Obake! Hanging from the kasa-obake are two Teru Teru Bouzus. Both are surrounded by hydrangeas!

Kasa-Obakes are old or broken umbrellas that have turned into ghosts. They are usually depicted with a single eyeball and a tongue. They sometimes jump around on one leg and have two arms or other features. I took the liberty to not make Yuuka hold a kasa-obake leg here.

Ameonnas on the other hand are known as evil youkai. They summon rain wherever they go, and are thought to spirit away children. They go back as far as ancient folk religions for both Japan and China. It is thought that rain was brought by benevolent gods and goddesses. Some legends tell of these such gods and goddesses becoming corrupted and turned into evil youkai; they lose their divinity and live among the mortals.

Teru Teru Bouzus are hung by windows during rainy season as a charm to bring good weather. They are made out of paper, tissues, and/or white cloths. The face is not actually drawn on immediately. If the sun shines the next morning, you draw on a face to show your gratitude. If the sun is not shining the next day, you are supposed to discard it.

I added the teru teru bouzus to this design for Yuuka because even though she brings rain wherever she goes, may the charms clear up her day. Even her friend the kasa-obake is there to help protect her from the rainy days. May she just live on as a yuurei instead of an ameonna. May her rainy days end!~ 🌈☀️

This is one of my favorite pins I have made to date. It was very expensive to produce so I was not able to produce many extras. The Standard Grades are very limited!

☆ Hard Enamel
☆ Screenprint
☆ Glitter Enamel
☆ Pearlescent Enamel
☆ Gold Metal
☆ Size: ~3.17" and .5" approx
☆ 2 Rubber Clutch Backs
☆ 2 Attachments

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-This listing features my original, digitally-drawn artwork. Please do not steal, reuse, repost, or claim artwork as your own for any reason.

-Please let me know if there are ever any issues with shipping.

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Thank you for looking around my shop!

♥ Seiki

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