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Hello, it's Seiki!~

Hi friends! (´。• ω •。`)

Thank you for visiting my shop! I am the artist behind oyakoro♥. I am currently trying to be a self-employed artist full-time. I used to work as a concept artist for a game studio with the closure of the business I became unemployed in October of 2020 and have since decided to make this into an opportunity to make my dreams come true. Right now, I am using my savings to produce new illustrations, charms, and pins.

May 2021 is the start of my Pin Club! I have always hoped to offer a physical reward to my Patreon tiers in addition to digital rewards. Please feel free to join my Discord to hang out with the community.

Thank you for your support!  ♥Stay Comfy


Where do you post updates?

I generally post to my Instagram when designs are ready for the public or ready to drop for preorders. Updates and order delays will be posted to my story.

If you would like to be most up to date and see my work in progress or sketches as soon as they happen, I would suggest checking out my Patreon.

If you have any questions please contact me via my Etsy Store or hello.oyakoro@gmail.com. My e-mail inbox can get flooded by incoming orders and purchased shipping labels, so messages can take a little to find and reply to. If you need a quicker response please use Etsy; the message will give me immediate notifications to my phone.


I just joined? Can I access the secret shop?

You get access for the months you pay for. If you have just joined, you will pay for benefits on the 1st of the next billing month. That month you will receive a password via your Patreon mail to access the secret shop.

Will you ever restock Patreon Pins?

No, they do not restock because they are limited edition. I do order extra pins for the club to account for B Grade pins, but once those sell out in the secret shop they are out for good. If there is enough demand, I may release a recolored version of the design that will also be limited edition.

Which month's design do I receive?

Payments happen on the 1st of every second month. If you join during the month, you will not be charged until the 1st of the next billed month (As of 4/1/2021: January, March, May, July, September, November). For example, if you join in April, you will not be charged until May 1st.


How do preorders work?

When you preorder you are helping me fund the production of a design and help me estimate how much to purchase. To account for additional wait time, preorders are listed for a cheaper price than regular sales. By preordering pins, you are guaranteed standard grade pins.

When will my preorder item ship? 

I list an estimated shipping date in the item description for all preorder items. The manufacturing process can take 3 weeks+ depending on quantities, design complexity, manufacturing issues. Delays may occur. Please only order if you can wait, thank you for understanding!

What should I do if I want an in stock item and a preorder item? 

Orders that contain both in stock and preorder items will ship when the preorder item arrives from my manufacturer. If you'd like to receive the in stock item immediately, please order it separately.


*Covid-19 Update*

International customers please expect an additional 2-3 months additionally for shipping times. Thank you for your and understanding.

When do you ship?

I ship in stock items out every Wednesday and Saturday. Domestic items will take an average of 3-7 days to reach their destination.

When will my package arrive?

I ship via the United States Postal Service. All packages come with tracking. Domestic packages are "First-Class Package"s and international are "First-Class Package International"s or "First-Class Mail International" for flats. Please allow for 3-6 weeks for international packages.

Have a missing package?

If a package's tracking is marked as "delivered," it may take one extra days time to actually be delivered. Please give it a day past the delivery notification. If it has still not arrived, please check with family and neighbors first to see if they brought your package in or if it was delivered to the wrong address. Postal workers are humans too <3

If you are still unable to locate your package please contact me and your local postal service. I will try to do my best to resolve the situation.

Something wrong with your package or order?

Please do not hesitate to contact me at:

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