preorder status updates.

Last Updated 2/6/2023

I generally post to my Discord and Instagram when designs are ready for the public or ready to drop for preorders. Updates and order delays will be posted to my discord or pin club page on Patreon.

Pin Club Pins

Status: In Production

Currently in Production:

♥ Nov:
- Ookami LE
- Yuki Onna LE
- Ameterasu LE
- Mandalas LE

♥ March:
- Kaguya-Hime LE
- Moon Bunnies LE

♥ May:
- CaliKoi LE
- Zashiki Warashi LE
- Koinobori LE

♥ July:
- Obon: Ittan Momen + Kayari Buta LE
- Ao Andon LE

♥ July:
- Spider Lily Skull LE
- Shikabane Hime LE
- Gashadokuro LE

♥ Restocks:

Sep 22 Shipments

Status: 99% Complete

2/6/2022 99% of pins (Sep 22) are shipped. Please check e-mails for the package tracking and let me know if the address on file needs any changes! If you are worried about what address I may have on file please don’t hesitate to contact me at hello.oyakoro@gmail.com.

Your order may not have gone out if it meets any of the following:
-has a preorder item that is still in production
-has an incorrect or invalid/unverifiable shipping address
-has made a request to combine shipping with a future pin club pin

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