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Last Updated 10/4/2022

I generally post to my Discord and Instagram when designs are ready for the public or ready to drop for preorders. Updates and order delays will be posted to my discord or pin club page on Patreon.

May, July, September Pin Club Pins

Status: In Production

Currently in Production:

♥ May:
- Kappa: Sayuri Deluxe LE
- Kappa: Riri Mini LE
- Kappa: Fish Dinner
- Kappa: Stay Hydrated

♥ July:
- Ameonna: Yuuka Deluxe LE
- Yumekui Baku: Kuu Mini LE

♥ September:
- Karasu Tengu: Yaboku Deluxe LE
- Yatagarasu Mini LE

♥ Restocks:
- Owl in Glasses
- Astronyaut Stickers
- Owl in Glasses

Halloween & Nov. 2021~March 2022 Pin Club Pins

Status: 90% Complete

10/4/2022 90% of pins (Nov-March Patreon + Halloween) to ship out this next week. Please check e-mails for the package tracking and let me know if the address on file needs any changes! If you are worried about what address I may have on file after consolidating about 200 orders please don’t hesitate to contact me at hello.oyakoro@gmail.com.

Your order may not have gone out if it meets any of the following:
-has a preorder item that is still in production
-has an incorrect or invalid/unverifiable shipping address
-has made a request to combine shipping with a future pin club pin
-contains a glow pin being re-manufactured (as mentioned in a previous post)
     -Ghost Oni Boy: Lunar Lilac (Glow)
     -Ghost Oni Boy: Wisp (Glow)
     -Ghost Potions: Scarlet, Azure, Amethyst (Glow)

The color of the glow was not set to the correct color but instead was to regular green. They are currently working on fixing the issue, but I would like to give everyone heads up so they can ask for separate shipments if necessary.

Abyss and Lionfish + Penguins at the Beach

Status: Complete

2/18/2022: All Preorders from this batch have been sent out!

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